With broad knowledge of global plants,
PMC discovers and markets unique products.

In parallel with providing plant maintenance services worldwide, PMC conducts transactions with various manufacturers around the world. Utilizing this advantage and experience that the company has accumulated over many years, PMC identifies products that have unique characteristics and markets these products under agency agreements with such manufacturers.These products are deeply related to plants and valuable in the global market.

“Resbon(R)” and “Graphilor(R)-3”
of Nippon Carbon Melsen Co., Ltd.

This “impermeable graphite”, composed of artificial graphite impregnated with synthetic resin, provides superior corrosion resistance. The products are widely used as material for tubular heat exchangers, towers and inner parts, rupture disks, etc. PMC sells these impermeable-graphite products.

“Boiler Access Quick Assembly System“
Aluminum boiler scaffolding.

The boiler access quick assembly system, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Irish manufacturers, is a temporary aluminum scaffolding suitable for large scale boiler maintenance. The system can reduce the scaffolding assembly period from 10 days to 2 weeks to about 50% to 70% for large coal-fired power plants.
Accordingly, the system can significantly reduce the power plant outage period and scaffolding assembly labor costs.
In Japan, the system is used for maintenance of coal-fired power plants and other industrial boilers.

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