Our Strength

PMC provides a number of operating plants around the world with parts, machinery, equipment,
and technical services, enjoying trust from both clients and manufacturers.

Supply anything required

Since its establishment, PMC has supplied various plants around the world with a variety of machinery, parts and equipment procured from manufacturers both in and outside Japan. PMC enjoys clients’ trust: "Supply anything required.”

Operate a global network.

PMC has established partnerships with multiple local enterprises in each of approximately 50 countries. PMC’s global system enables specific services to be speedily rendered to clients from locations close to individual clients’ plant sites.

A group comprised of
agile experts.

PMC is composed of experts who have rich practical experience and ample knowledge about the areas they work in. These experts flexibly respond to clients’ demands, which often include making periodical visits to areas they work for.

Technical support functions.

On the basis of knowledge about characteristics of plants operating for long periods of time, PMC offers comprehensive technical support, such as checkups and repairs, diagnoses and inspections, technical guidance, engineering, and consulting.

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